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Bike Fitting

Professional bike fitting is essential for anyone who spends time on their bike and experiences pain or discomfort. At Moore Performance Health, we use the latest scientific knowledge to enhance comfort at contact points, reduce overuse injuries, and improve overall performance.

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What is a Bike Fit?

Physcial Assessment

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

  • Ankle/Foot Biomechanical Assessment

Physcial Assessment

  • Cleat fore/aft and rotational adjustment

  • Seat height, tilt, and fore/aft adjustment

  • Handlebar and stem fit and equipment recommendations

  • Cockpit adjustment

*All parts are torqued to spec during the bike fitting. 

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pic of my bike.jfif
Fresh Bike Fit

Top 5 Benefits
of Getting a Fresh Bike Fit

Improved Comfort

​A properly fitted bike reduces discomfort and pain, allowing you to enjoy longer rides without issues like numbness or soreness.

Enhanced Performance

A good bike fit optimizes your power output and efficiency, helping you ride faster and more effectively.

Injury Prevention

Correct bike adjustments minimize the risk of injuries caused by improper posture and repetitive strain.

Better Handling

A well-fitted bike improves your control and stability, making your rides safer and more enjoyable.

Adaptation to Changes

As your fitness level, flexibility, or goals change, a fresh bike fit ensures your bike setup remains optimal for your current needs.


2 Hour Mountain Bike Fit


2 1/2 Hour Road/Triathalon Bike Fit


1 Hour Follow Up - As needed

 $75 (Up to  90 days)

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