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See what people are saying about Greg and Moore Performance Health

Greg was my favorite physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. He was very attentive to my needs and always had my best interest in his mind. Not only was Greg my therapist but he is a friend. Greg showed how much he cared and I felt important. He cares about the relationship formed through physical therapy while being able to provide top notch therapy.

                                                                                        - Brendan L.     Central Michigan University Baseball and Physical Therapy Client

Greg did a fantastic job fitting my bike! I have had previous bike fits that never felt right after weeks of trying to tolerate the new position. I would always make adjustments here and there along the way, wondering why I ever paid for a bike fit in the first place. Not this time! It has been a year since we had our fit, and I have never felt as comfortable on a bike as I do now. Greg's knowledge of bicycle and human biomechanics and attention to detail led to a great experience. I highly recommend Greg to anyone looking to get their bike fit!

                                                                                       - Jake B.     Bike Fit Client and Owner of Michigan Rehab and Performance

Greg has a great understanding of biomechanics and how to help the body move in an optimal way.  I've worked with Greg many times for a variety of issues from common injuries and post-surgical rehab to running mechanics and tailored maintenance programs.  His expertise and thoughtful processes have helped me through them all.  Greg has a passion for helping people through physical therapy and gives thoughtful, purposeful recommendations that are tailored to the individual situation. 

                                                                                       - Jeff D.     Running Coaching and Physical Therapy Client

I tore my ACL playing ultimate frisbee and was adamant about returning to the sport. Greg was the perfect physical therapist to go to because of his passion for athletic and adventurous endeavors, his understanding of the joy that it brings people, and his wealth of knowledge. Greg understood what I wanted to achieve in my recovery, and he created a plan to help me reach my long-term goal while also celebrating the smaller milestones. Greg did all of this with a smile, a joke, and a supportive and encouraging attitude. I will always be grateful to Greg for helping me regain strength and confidence to get back on the field!

                                                                                       - Maeve D.     Physical Therapy Client

I've worked with Greg several times over the past dozen years to help rehab multiple sports-related injuries, including my back, knee, foot, and shoulder. He always takes the time to create a custom plan based on the latest research and techniques available. Greg also makes sure his patients have direct input in their rehab program so they take ownership of the process.

                                                                                        - Mark K.     Track Coach and Physical Therapy Client

"Greg was my PT many times, and he was also my strength coach in high school. After my first experience with him (torn ligaments in my ankle), I made sure to go back to him after I tore my labrum in college. As a college athlete, making sure I got back to playing shape, Greg always went above and beyond to make sure I got to where I was and even stronger. He never stopped at just helping me recover from the injury, but also focused on making me a better athlete than I was before getting hurt. After both my injuries, he had me back competing multiple weeks before I was expected to. I can’t recommend Greg enough for anyone recovering from an injury, especially athletes."
                                                                                         - Kyle Z.     South Lyon and Northwood University Baseball, Physical Therapy Client

I had the good fortune of working with Greg Moore during my recent physical therapy regimen for sciatica. While PT can seem like drudgery, working with Greg was refreshing. He’s very bright and keeps up on relevant research that he applies judiciously. He is also pragmatic about what is useful and narrows the focus to the few things that matter most. His “hands-on” treatment helped me feel markedly better after each visit. Greg went above and beyond the call of duty, even helping me adjust my car seat to optimal settings. Finally, he is a likable guy so I enjoyed our conversations during treatment. I will certainly go to Greg the next time I need PT again, and would recommend him highly.

                                                                                        - Ed H.     Physical Therapy Client

Greg, my physical therapist has been awesome! I have suffered my whole life with back pain.  I’ve gone to physical therapy in the past without results. When I went to Greg for the first time I felt I had someone who really listened to my struggles and cared about giving me a better quality of life.  He has great knowledge and experience in all aspects of physical therapy.  His techniques are customized to the individual and their pain.  I refer anyone I talk to that is in need of physical therapy and know they will have someone who will care about their recovery.

                                                                                        - Cheryl B.     Physical Therapy Client

Greg Moore is the only person I trust with my PT needs! I injured myself in the weight room, and he was the only one who was able to get me back to 100%. He found the cause of my pain, and helped reduce it within my first session. His knowledge and experience in the field will aid a much quicker recovery! I can't say enough good things about Greg, and I am extremely grateful for the help he's given me!

                                                                                        - Austin S.     Plymouth Football, Physical Therapy Client

Greg is an exceptional physical therapist. He has been my therapist through three difficult surgical recoveries, and I have been fortunate to have him in my corner. He creates tailored plans and gives ongoing instruction with compassion and encouragement. He is enthusiastic and committed to helping his clients reach their goals. With his help, I’ve come back stronger than ever. If you need help with recovery or optimizing your health and fitness, I highly recommend choosing Greg. 

                                                                                       - Tiffany Q.      Physical Therapy Client

I've torn both my ACLs and seen Greg as my therapist each time and I truly do not believe that I would be where I am today without him. Each recovery really sucked with unavoidable complications that really made healing hard. Greg's insight and creativity working around the problems after learning they weren't going away really helped my rehabilitation. The unique exercises he offered to help with strength building but also didn't hurt my knees really made me feel listened to and cared about. Even though I can't say I am fully healed yet due to the complications, he has truly kept me motivated and the reason I keep working towards my rehab goals. Finally, a great bonus to being great at physical therapy, is he's an amazing teacher who is perfect at explaining any questions and all the details of what is happening biomechanically regarding injuries and treatment. Not only has my knees improved since seeing him but I am much more educated on the biomechanics on my knees and physical therapy in general. Side note don't be fooled by the lack of creativity from the business name, him naming the business just his last name, he's actually a pretty smart fella and I'd recommend anyone to G mo. 😎 

                                                                                        - Ren S      Physically Therapy Client

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