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Ready for the Run

Running Analysis

Seventy percent of runners report a running injury in any given year and if you are trying to find a solution there are loads of running models, seemingly contradictory footwear recommendations, and opinon articles to sift through. Let us help you find a straight-forward solution that fits your running style and goals.

What we assess

- Runners are assessed on a treadmill at personalized running speeds from both the side and posterior view.

- We then put the video into slow motion and analyze specific moments in the "gait-cycle" looking for issues such as foot contact, overstriding, crossover gait.

- Current cadence (step frequency) is assessed and a plan is developed to improve running form with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing injuries.

SPPA Running analysis.jfif
Subject 3.jpg


First time 90 minute assessment and coaching session - $150 dollars

Follow up 60 minute coaching sessions  - $100 dollars

See below for an example of the beneficial gait corrections observed after two sessions

In this view, improvement in ground clearance and hip flexor activation will improve time in the air between strides resulting in higher efficiency and lengthen strides. In some cases this also decreases overstriding.

Before gait corrections seen above


After gait corrections seen below

In the posterior view, a decrease in crossover gait can be observed. Correcting crossover gait can decrease pronation velocity, reduce load on IT bands and improve efficiency. With continued "homework," improvement should be even  more profound.

Contact us to begin working on your best running stride!

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